User Guide

Test cases are the core of automated testing. How to efficiently organize and manage these test cases is one of the measurement standards for automated test platforms.
Learn what AutoTest Studio is all about and how it works so you can use it better in your automation testing activities.

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Getting Started

If you have a certain understanding of AutoTest Studio by now, please follow the example below to start building an automated testing solution, trust us, it is not a difficult process.

  • How to install and configure AutoTest Studio? see "Installation and Configuration".
  • Learn about the basic usage of AutoTest Studio with a simple example,see "Start with an example".
  • Use Package Manager to manage python packages in test project,see "Package Manager".
  • Use Data dictionary to manage data in test project,see "Data dictionary".
  • Execute your test plan using Test Runner,see "Task Scheduling".
  • Calling Preset Test cases does some extra things before and after the test case is executed. see "Preset Testcases".
  • Understand the execution of test tasks through test logs and test reports, see "Logs and Reports".
  • Use the debugger to diagnose abnormal conditions in the run of the test case, see "Code Debugging".