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Package Manager

Package Manager is a graphical python package manager provided by AutoTest Studio. Through Package Manager, you can install, upgrade, uninstall, import, and export python packages.

Configure the installation source

The package manager allows the user to configure the installation source, the default configuration is the official python installation source.

Click "Setting" on the toolbar.

After editing the installation source information in the pop-up dialog box, click "OK" to save.

If you need to restore to the default official installation source, you can click the "Restore Defualt" button at the bottom.

Online Installation

Online installation, this method is recommended.

Name-python package name;

Version-The version of the package, when empty, the latest version is installed by default;

Don’t install package dependencies- Do not install related dependencies, only install the specified packages, it is recommended not to check.

Offline Installation

Select "Local", click "..." to select the path of the Python package.


The package manager will automatically check for the latest version and list the smallest version in "Latest".

Select the python package to be upgraded in the list and click "Upgrade".


Select the package to be uninstalled and click "Uninstall" to uninstall the package.

Note: When uninstalling a package, dependent packages are not uninstalled.

Export Packages List

Package Manager can export the list of installed packages in the current environment.

After clicking "Export", select the output path in the pop-up dialog box.

Note: The name and version of the knowledge python package exported by the Package Manager.

Import Packages List

After clicking "Import", select the package list file in the pop-up dialog box.

Note: The import process requires a connection to the Internet.