Test Case Management

Test Case Management

Test cases are the core of automated testing. How to efficiently organize and manage these test cases is one of the measurement standards for automated test platforms.

AutoTest Stduio organizes test cases through a project visual project structure, and manages the entire life cycle of test cases, including test case creation, test case execution, and test report generation.

Data Dictionary

Data Dictionary

AutoTest Studio has a built-in high-performance data dictionary, which can quickly read these data even if it stores up to one million records. Users can use the data dictionary to save test data, such as user information, configuration information, etc. The data dictionary has two working modes during the test task run: memory mode and file mode.

Memory Mode

When the test task starts, AutoTest Studio will read all the data in the data dictionary into memory to provide higher data access speed.

File Mode

After the task starts running, the data is saved in the file. In this mode, the data access speed is lower than in the memory mode, but it can take up less memory resources of the computer.

Package Manager

Package Manager

AutoTest Studio provides a graphical-based Python package management tool - Python Package Manager.

Using the python package manager, users can easily install, uninstall, update, import, and export the Python packages used in the project.

The Python package manager also supports python package management for virtual environments.

Code Editor

Code Editor

The code editor of AutoTest Studio greatly improves the efficiency of writing test cases.

AutoTest Studio’s code editor supports:

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Code Completion
  • Code Folding
  • Code Formatting
  • Function location
  • Bookmark Management
Logs and Reports

Logs and Reports

After each test task is completed, AutoTest Studio will output the test report of this test task and the running log of all test cases in HTML format.

The test report records the basic information of the task running, and displays the statistics of the test case running results in the form of graphs.

The log management module provides four types of log output, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR.

Task Runner

Task Runner

The task engine is the core function of AutoTest Studio, which provides a variety of flexible scheduling methods for test tasks, and it can also be integrated into other CI/CD processes, such as jenkins.

Timed Running

Task Runner can specify the start time and end time of the test task run.

Loop Running

Task Runner allows the user to set the number of times the test case will be run in a loop.

Run the test case of the specified state

Task Runner can run test cases with specified status, for example, run the case that failed in the last test task.

Retry after use case failure

When the test case fails to run, the Task Runner can automatically run again.

Testcase timeout automatically terminates

If the timeout period for running the test case is set, when the running time of the test case exceeds this threshold, the Task Runner will end the running of the test case.

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